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We deploy the best and newest technologies to meet your every demand.

Scratch- and scuff-resistant durable plastic coatings can be applied to virtually any plastic surface. Our proprietary formulas were developed to add beauty and durability to bottles, jars, powder boxes, compacts, closures, deodorants, and more.

The plastic coating application process we use is precise and delivers quick and consistent finished products. Coatings include frost, soft-touch, and translucent and opaque tints. UV coating for plastic protects and enhances the finish, and our glass coatings offer the highest aesthetic quality.



What do today’s top-selling cosmetics and personal care products have in common? Us.

Hanes Erie, Inc, was started in 1985 as a spray coating company providing frosted looks on plastic items such as bottles and jars. Founded with one coating machine designed and built in house, Hanes Erie now has 13 coating machines capable of both conventional and ultra violet cure finishes.

Customers liked what Hanes Erie provided.  So we expanded, applying the same standards of excellence to additional services such as screen printing, pad printing, and hot stamping. Little by little we acquired machines specific to these processes and today, more than 25 years later, we are one of the largest contract decorators in the world. Offering everything from frost and translucent spray coating finishes to bright foil hot stamping, complex screen printing, and pad printing and producing well over 500,000 decorated items each day.

Hanes Erie, Inc. today is situated in a 110,000 square foot, modern, state of the art facility located in Fairview, Pennsylvania. We decorate and process glass bottles for cosmetics, perfumes and colognes, candle glass, vodka bottles, wine bottles, and virtually all types of glass and plastic containers, including art glass and screen printed glass. 

From designer makeup, soaps and shampoos to perfumes and colognes, we continue to apply decorative beauty, durability, and charm to the most recognized brands in the world. Our experienced customer service team will partner with you to assist with your distinctive decoration requirements. The Hanes Erie team will exceed your expectations and deliver quality results - the way you want it, when you want it.


ISO International Standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable, and of good quality. For Hanes Erie they are strategic tools that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors and increasing productivity.


(Above) Exclusively at Hanes Erie, the new Seven Color Servo Bottle screen print machine, for printing onto large glass spirit bottles such as vodka, wine, and other beverage containers. This new machine can print onto any shape of bottle: round, square, oval, or combinations of all three. It is completely computer controlled through servo motor drives, and the bottle is captured and held through all the screen print operations. Deco lug registration is not needed, as the machine uses optical registration by thread start or bottle seam.

Full four color printing with +/- .015mm registration can be achieved giving beautiful color image reproduction.